OPFLEX Environmental Technologies sells high performance foams that are fabricated to their final shape by our customers and used by people in their everyday lives from the minute they wake up in the morning and put on their running shoes to positioning pads when they have an MRI at the doctor to when they get in their car and use their mirror.  There are thousands of applications.  

Because our technology encompasses a broad array of specialized foams, from plastomeric to elastomeric and the capability to blend when necessary to meet specific customer performance requirements, our technical staff have developed products to serve the specific needs of key customer segments. 

OPFLEX is an Open-Cell, flexible foam elastomer and was developed based on the bio-mimicry of the human lungs.   The Open-Cells of the OPFLEX, like the alveoli of the human lungs, maximize surface area and contact with the water to rapidly and efficiently remove oil and contamination from water in a variety of markets and applications.